Rugby, also known as rugby-federation, is an aggressive close contact team sport originating in England in the early half of the nineteenth century. One of the two major codes of rugby; rugby league is played between teams of similar playing ability using a rugby ball which is passed rosulated via the hands. The other code … Read more

Rugby Vocabulary

Rugby is a popular name for the worldwide family of game sports, including rugby league and rugby Union, and the earlier versions of the game which include gridiron rugby and Australian rules rugby. Both these sports are played by teams of players who wear specially designed uniforms. These uniforms are very durable and can withstand … Read more

rugby Union

If you are passionate about rugby and the sporting values that are attached to it, you should consider playing the game for fun and for the love of the game. rugby is played between two competing teams. When a team loses, there is usually an entire celebration in the locker room and afterwards the players … Read more